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The 5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

The user experience we have with today’s gadgets is a priority indeed by their makers. After all, what’s going to be the use of buying them if they don’t meet our expectations. The same goes with the online sites that we get to see everyday, whether for business, school research or personal purposes. Herein comes the importance of a mobile responsive website, and we’ve got 5 for you:

#1 – Smart Phone Usage is almost a Necessity these days

It started with the basic phone usage decades ago, people then were happy with its mobility and practicality. But today’s generation has defined some more ways to live with our mobile phones. Manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have changed the way we use our cell phones. Not only we are now able to browse the web using our phones (with 3G, 4G or LTE functionality), we can also do online shopping, pay our home bills, do bank transactions and etc.. This gives ultimate convenience to us. This capability has become a necessity for most of us, which means a lot of people have been dependent on these innovations. Having said that, we do not want people waste their time opening websites that are not mobile formatted or even readable. In case you’re not aware, a website with a responsive design is a site that is able to adapt to a screen it’s being used on regardless of what device it is. So this generally applies to tablets and smart phones of all sizes.

#2 – Social Media is Visited through Mobile Devices

Sharing links and visiting social media platforms happen through mobile devices. People are engaged with social happenings and trending events through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and Snapchat among all others. Therefore, if you have a website to build and want plentiful visits, it should be responsive and mobile-friendly. Online social engagements make a website reliable and exposed. Sooner or later you’ll be surprised how famous your website is and its content, it’s actually a social media marketing strategy.

#3 – Google Recommends Mobile Responsive Websites

Google has included the responsiveness of a website on mobile devices on its ranking qualifications. It’s been noted in the UK and in the US the higher percentage of people who use mobile phones in surfing the internet. Google is now giving a priority to these findings thus including this as one of its recommendations to website owners if they are after with ranking results in google searches. You should adapt to these demands in order to be part of the world wide web and its power to help your business grow.

#4 – It’s part of your SEO campaign

Search engine optimization requires a mobile responsive website. Since google, being one of the biggest search engines, recommends a quality website for all users, a website should consider the best user-experience. A non-responsive website brings disaster and inconvenience to your visitors. Even if you claim to have the best and updated content, no one’s willing to deal with a messed outline of your website. It surely is a waste of time considering that there are other websites or business that offer the same services you offer online. Do not waste that chance. It pains to know that you missed a number of leads just because your website is not aligned.

#5 – One Site is Easier to Maintain and Manage

Perhaps there are still some organizations that manage two websites – one being the main website for the company and another one which is designed as its mobile version. If you come to think of it, the return of investment is less. It is neither cost-effective nor efficient for the company. This scenario is showing the company’s desire to reach the mobile users. And it was actually a thing before responsive website designs dominated the market. Your site should always adapt to any device and should provide the relevant layout and design that meet your users’ needs. Adding the SEO or social media campaigns to just one site will be more effective when it comes to costing, time and ROI.

#Bonus – Best Online Shopping Experience

Online shoppers are having fun doing their shopping on the internet and in fact it was noted that 80% of consumers regularly use their smart phones to shop online. People nowadays tend to use their phones to look for a product or item that they are eyeing to buy – to check the specs, the price and even compare with other brands. Imagine if you sell products online and a consumer looks at it via the internet, and your website is not mobile responsive, this will make your products not easy to view on the phone – result is you are missing out a sale and an opportunity for your next sales.

WordPress has made it easier to adapt a mobile responsive website design. And if you are interested, please contact us for further details. We are more than ready to help you out with your business. You’ll be surprised to know what else we can offer.